Happy New Year from your Cross-Pollinator

As I heal from a little cold I caught over the holidays (using up my chi and not ‘Zen Den-ing’ enough), I am thinking of all the beautiful moments in my life that have made an impact on me in some positive way; that have shaped who I am as an individual for the better; that have made me question and at times change my own viewpoints, all during this past year of 2018. From attending our U.S. League of Tea Growers annual meeting at the Great Mississippi Tea Company, to attending the Building Bridges Traditional Chinese Medicine conference in D.C., to spending time with my niece traveling around South Africa meeting people in Jo’burg, Kruger, and Cape Town, to watching my husband be honored by his peers at his Firefighter Training graduation in Texas, to weddings and funerals, I could go on, but my point is that every moment of all the many moments experienced in 2018, has impacted my life in a vibrant, passionate, glorious way. So thank you to YOU ALL for making my life rich and fulfilled on the interior of my being during 2018. Without you I wouldn’t be me, so happy new year and let’s be true and authentic in 2019, by expressing heart-centered selves through love, joy, and our playful dance! I continue to create a Brew Just for You, and know that in doing so, YOU are collectively creating a Tea Just for Me! So from one “Cross-Pollinator to another” thank you and Happy New Year 2019! Peace39512509_10216548643099667_5436388020649459712_o