An Energy Healing Session:

Your initial healing session will last about 90 minutes. We will spend a few minutes getting to know one another, filling out a few forms, discussing what your intentions are for the healing session, and what methods I will use to assist you on your journey towards balance, health, and harmony. All other energy healing sessions usually range from 30 to 60 minutes. The love offering is $60 for a one hour session. I can use a sliding scale for those that request it when scheduling an appointment.

During a session, you will lie comfortably on a bodywork table and will remain fully clothed throughout the entire session. You can choose to be under warm comfy blankets or on top of them. Most important is that YOU are comfortable, at ease, and relaxed. I encourage all my clients to speak up if they have any special needs or requests before, during, or after a session. I may include specific crystals, essential oils, guided meditations, visualizations, intuitive astrology, quartz crystal sound bowls, or Qigong healing techniques.  You will be given a gentle flaxseed eye mask with an essential oil aroma chosen just for your session, so you can deeply relax, rejuvenate, and release any congestion in your Individual Energy Field.

Following your healing session, we will sip organic herbal tea and share our experiences. I will usually give a few suggestions or referrals for ‘homework’ for my clients until we meet for our next healing session. A percentage of your love offering goes to the charity of your choice, and if you do not have a specific charity in mind, then I donate to the Cherokee County Animal Shelter, The Children’s Haven, or the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

I send one detailed follow-up email within 24 hours after our Initial healing session, outlining what was experienced and observed, and suggestions to think about relating to those observations.

Other Offerings:

I co-facilitate the Collective Consciousness Conference (CCC) with another Healing Arts practitioner in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina each year. Sign up for our next conference!

I offer my Magic PILL sessions (Play. Imagination. Laughter. Love.) for healing, balancing, and recharging the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being. A peaceful playful way to release emotions, learning a variety of tools and skills to practice, allowing for the energy to flow through you and not stay stagnant. 

My off-grid, organic Bessie Lou Brew (BLB) tiny tea farm and Zen Den meditation studio in north Canton are available to borrow for peaceful respite, walking meditations, small group meditations, sound bowl healing sessions, medicine wheel/sacred circle ceremonies, and other events or overnights. Contact me for reserving your dates. 

I am available to hold 30 minute to 60 minute Intuitive Astrology Natal Chart, Solar Return chart, and Transit readings. These are recorded readings that are sent to you via Dropbox, or I use ZOOM or SKYPE for in-person readings. Contact me for more information.

I am available to hold private Sound Bowl Healing sessions and meditations, and host free in the park Sound Bowl sessions (with yoga at times) at the Etowah River Park amphitheater. Hospice, palliative care, end-of-life care or assisted living/memory care/skilled nursing communities are at a discounted rate.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you and steeping your unique brew in a safe sacred space, where we can come together for healing, relaxation, and a deeper understanding of your highest good physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I feel we learn from one another, and we are all teachers and students in life. 

Peace and loving light~

BLB Zen Den
Playing for Peace free events in the Etowah River Park amphitheater