“One of the most special and gifted people I have ever met! Thankful for the opportunity to meet Beth on my journey!”

“I can’t even put into words how beautiful Beth’s energy is. She’s amazing.”

“When I met Beth I was at a crossroads in my life with major changes taking place. During our session I felt some energy shifting, which I had never experienced before. It was truly an amazing Reiki session! She released an inner tension that reset my entire perspective.”

“Beth is one of the most dedicated, knowledgeable and gifted Reiki practitioners anyone could hope to meet. I highly recommend her as a powerful healer!”

“Beth is goodness, inside and out. Beth gives to all. Her new path doing Reiki and Energy healing is a perfect application of her self. if you are feeling a little off, see Beth, she will tune you right up!”

“OMG Beth. This is amazing. So many accurate things that you said about me were pretty well predestined when I was born.” “I am going to listen to it a few more times, especially when you talked about not being so hard on myself because I am kind of in between things.” “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you did for me. I feel like I have a better understanding of who I am.” ~ Kelly

Natal Chart Reading

I loved starting the day with the silent walking meditation followed by the qigong exercise! That was so wonderful and a perfect way to start the day! Loved the full moon releasing ceremony and then the fun time around the fire after, drumming (& howling, lol).
I like the way you guys had everything organized. At first, I was a little concerned that it might feel like a “long day” of sitting (or 2 long days) because I get antsy (or sometimes my body gets stiff and uncomfortable) when I have to sit for too long, but it ended up not feeling that way at all! I think partly because we had comfy furniture to sit on I never found myself checking the time and looking forward to a break. The time actually seemed to go by fast! Also because the meditations were broken up by other activities.
I loved the cord cutting and imprint removal meditations. Sooo healing. Also loved the Magic PILL, especially the Play part. 🙂 Hula hooping for the first time in 30 or 40+ years was so much fun! Oh and the spirit animal mediation was awesome. I really can’t think of anything I didn’t like. It was very well planned out. Not being a morning person, I liked that the days started when they did and not at the crack of dawn. haha
It was such a joy to be there and share with the group, giving and receiving, making new friends & reconnecting with old friends. I’m so grateful for the two of you and really felt honored and blessed to have been a part of it. ❤ 🙂 Thank you. ~ Denise


I liked the variety of activities that were done and no one thing lasted too long.  It was good that some activities were physically active (yoga and qigong), some inside/outside and some sitting as a group like the meditations. I like actually doing things and not just sitting listening to a speaker talk the whole time. Marjorie’s homestead is a magical place and everyone was so wonderful. I feel blessed and honored to have been a part of the weekend. ~Alison

Collective Consciousness Conference Spring 2019

A few testimonials from our Winter CCC 2019:

“Sometimes we just need to take time for self care and nurturing. Beth and Marjorie provided a safe place to participate in soul nourishment, with group exercises , guided meditations and fun!” Cindi

“This conference provided just the right amount of play and mindfulness.” Betty


Collective Consciousness Conference Winter 2019