Playing for Peace Sound Bowl Meditation

Virgo New Moon sound bowl meditation coming up on Friday at the Etowah River Park amphitheater at 2pm! It technically clocks in on Saturday morning at 0416 EST, but we all feel its energies a few days before and after it clocks in. So pay attention to where this 4° Virgo moon falls in your natal chart so you have a clear idea of where in your life you may feel this the most. Then you have a clear idea of how to navigate your emotions and the potential reactions of life situations during this time. 🙏🏽🌑🌌 Join me Friday for the free session & relaxation to heal body and mind, which is what Virgo is about.

Aquarius Full Supermoon energies

Our last full supermoon of the year happening tomorrow Thursday August 11th at 9:35pm at 19° Aquarius ♒️. See which house this falls in your natal chart for personal energy dynamics. The full moon 🌝 is holding hands with Saturn 🪐Rx, and opposing the Leo Sun 🌞. Plus we have a fixed Grand Cross in the heavens above. So fixed signs may feel this a bit more intensely, if you have your Sun, Moon or Rising/AC in a fixed sign: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. The bright 🔦 light of this full moon is saying “Hey, check this out! Let’s stop ignoring/denying this, and instead let’s call it out and shift it creatively from the heart.” Set your full supermoon intentions and have a beautiful day!