New Moon Pisces

New moon today so set your new moon intentions over the next few days. πŸŒšβ™“οΈπŸŒž This energy of the moon & Sun holding hands in the skies in Pisces asks us to go deep inside ourselves to see what is finishing up emotionally in our lives. Where have we been able to bring the unconscious into consciousness and fine tune it for elevated creative expression or spirtual awakening, OR maybe a lower vibration of deeper addiction or the feeling of seclusion and depression? This is and has been an intense energy, either highs or lows, so during this new moon in Pisces over the next few days spend time with yourself and connect on a deeper level, quieting the mind and mouth from jibber-jabber, and allowing silent clarity to arise. Listen to nature, your heart, your music, your God, your “All that is”, your Universe, silently, and then breathe that message of clarity into your energy field, into your physical form, into your awareness. Hold it gently for now, and then when the Spring Equinox and new moon occur next month, give yourself permission to take action. And on that note, have a beautiful day!

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