Aquarius Full Supermoon energies

Our last full supermoon of the year happening tomorrow Thursday August 11th at 9:35pm at 19° Aquarius ♒️. See which house this falls in your natal chart for personal energy dynamics. The full moon 🌝 is holding hands with Saturn 🪐Rx, and opposing the Leo Sun 🌞. Plus we have a fixed Grand Cross in the heavens above. So fixed signs may feel this a bit more intensely, if you have your Sun, Moon or Rising/AC in a fixed sign: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. The bright 🔦 light of this full moon is saying “Hey, check this out! Let’s stop ignoring/denying this, and instead let’s call it out and shift it creatively from the heart.” Set your full supermoon intentions and have a beautiful day!

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